Neutrik 3.5mm Mini Jack Right Angled To Two Neutrik 3.5mm Mini Jack Right Angled


Neutrik 3.5mm Mini Jack Right Angled To Two Neutrik 3.5mm Mini Jack Right Angled

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Neutrik Mini-jack (3,5mm) Stereo 3-pole metal soldering male connector nickel plated contact(s) right angled. Twin Sommer Patch & Instrument Cable; To Two Neutrik Mini-jack (3,5mm) Stereo.

Professional nickel plated 3.5 mm Mini Jack Plug Neutrik Mini-jack (3,5mm), 3-pole , metal-, Soldering-male connector, nickel plated contact(s), right angled, silver NTP3RC.

Professional Neutrik connector for applications requiring 3.5mm stereo plugs, like headsets, portable CD/MP3 players, mic connections on video cameras, etc. Excellent transmission quality as well as low contact resistance. The only right-angled metal bodied 3.5 mm jack plug with chuck type strain relief for secure cable retention. It accepts cables from 2.0 to 4.5 mm. Neutrik Mini Jack Plug Highlights

Use cables up to 4.5 mm diameter Low transmission Resistance Precisely machined to our Neutrik's demanding quality standards

Features & Benefits

All metal housing - robust and reliable Chuck type cable clamp and rubber gland - excellent cable protection Slim design - space saving

Patch & Microphone Cable SC-Goblin; 2 x 0,14 mm²; PVC Ø 4,60 mm; black

No less, but lesser...

and easy to handle since it is available in four colors. Otherwise the technical and electrical construction is similar to the SC-SOURCE cable.
With its the small diameter it fits virtually all current TT-phone and B-gauge connectors and can also be used for Y-adapter cables. Due to its carefully designed shielding the cable offers the extra benefit of an amazing tread resistance and tensile strength. The white version is recommended for the unobtrusive installation in churches.


Ideal for patch cables owing to its small outside diameter of 4.6 mm
Very good tensile strength due to the dual shielding construction and special
PVC jacket
Linear sound transmission due to the special-designed conductor pairs and the
copper litz wire stranding
100 % shielding due to a metallised fleece plus additional
helical copper mesh screen

Professional studio patch connection
High-quality mini microphone cable
High-class phono and RCA connections
Long-distance MIDI cabling
Interior rack wiring and connection of audio components and effects devices

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