Rean RCA Phono Plug Gold Plated NYS373-4 Black Shell Yellow Ring Gold Contacts


Rean RCA Phono Plug Gold Plated NYS373-4 Black Shell Yellow Ring Gold Contacts

Product no.: NYS373-4

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Phono ("RCA/Cinch") Plugs > NYS373-4

NYS373-4 Phono plug, black shell, gold plated contacts.

Rubber boot for best anti kink protection, chuck type strain relief for cable O.D. 3.5 to 6.1 mm, color coding ring.

Analogue Video cables, also know as RCA cables.

For the transfer Left and Right stereo signals from components, such as, a CD player, Cassette Deck, VCR, and other devices to a stereo or surround sound amplifier or receiver. Red is designated for the Right Channel and White is designated for the Left Channel. These colours will correspond to the colours of the receiving end analogue stereo connectors on an amplifier or receiver.

Definition: An RCA Jack or RCA Plug is a connector commonly used to connect various components in a audio-video system. It is used for analogue and coaxial digital audio and composite and component video connections.Also Known As: phono connector Examples: An RCA Jack is used to connect the analogue output of a CD player to the analogue inputs of a receiver or amplifier. It was developed by RCA, the Radio.

Technical Information

  • Product Title NYS373-4

  • Electrical

  • Dielectric strength 0.5 kVdc
  • Insulation resistance ? 1 G?
  • Rated current depends on mated connector
  • Contact resistance depends on mated connector

  • Mechanical

  • Cable O.D.3.5 - 6.1 mm
  • Lifetime > 1000 mating cycles
  • Wire size 24 AWG

  • Material

  • Contact plating Au
  • Contacts Brass (CuZn39Pb3)
  • Shell Zinc die cast (ZnAl4Cu1)
  • Shell plating Black
  • Strain relief Internal plastic chuck
  • Insulation Thermoplastic

  • Environmental

  • Solder ability Complies with IEC 68-2-20
  • Temperature range-25 °C to +70 °C
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