Speakon Speaker Extension Neutrik® Heavy Duty 2.5mm 4Core NLT4 NL4 1m to 100m.


Speakon Speaker Extension Neutrik® Heavy Duty 2.5mm 4Core NLT4 NL4 1m to 100m.

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Neutrik® AG Speakon Cable Connectors 4 Pole Extension NLT4MX to NL4FX Heavy Duty speakON Cables 2.5mm 4 Core Male to Female Comus stranded oxygen free copper (OFC). This cable has been designed particularly for loudspeakers and here it meets all specific technical requirements.


speakON Extension Loudspeaker Leads


Speakon Speaker Cables, Male speakON to Female speakON Cable 4 Pole Cable Connectors 2.5mm Tour Grade Speaker Cable


The Professional Audio Speakon Cables are an exceptionally high quality and professional and go from 1 metre to 100 metre with SPX Series speakon connectors and Tour Grade Comus cable which delivers a long lasting, low noise and high standard tonality.


4 core in 2.5mm the Comus speaker cable range has a strong but flexible jacket used for touring & install purposes.


Comus loud speaker cables are a comprehensive range of professional tour grade speaker cables. They use stranded oxygen free copper (OFC) and are built for optimum handling and electrical performance. Speakon to Speakon leads, various lengths, transfer high power output to speaker components, oxygen free conductor cable terminated with Neutrik plugs.


The speakON cable connectors are the industry-standard connectors for amplifier / loudspeaker connections. The entire family of 2, 4 and 8 pole cable connectors has been designed to operate in high current, inductive load environment of loudspeakers.


Suitable for connecting most modern amplifier and powered mixers to speaker cabinets Ideal for use in the disco, music and PA industry


4 pole male cable connector, metal housing, chuck type strain relief

The speakON STX Series was especially designed for heavy duty amplifier-loudspeaker applications like professional touring. The extremely rugged and durable STX Series features an all metal housing.

Features & Benefits
  • Current rating 40 A continuous, 50 A audio signal with 50% duty cycle
  • Robust and durable all metal housing
  • Sealing ring provides weatherproof IP54 rating in mated condition
  • Reinforced metal quick lock system for ease and precise locking
  • Extra large solder contacts for up to 6mm² (AWG10) wires
  • Mate with all available speakON products




4 pole cable connector, chuck type strain relief


The industry-standard for loudspeaker connections offer extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with a reliable locking system. They feature solid contacts with screw-type terminals including a stranded wire protection which offer also solder termination.

Features & Benefits
  • Current rating 40 A rms continuous
  • Up to 50 A audio signal, duty cycle 50%
  • Only 3 parts, easy to assemble
  • High impact materials - long-lasting and reliable
  • Easy and extremely precise locking system "Quick Lock"
  • Improved grip on latch
  • 1 piece strain relief, chuck for 7 to 14.5 mm cable O.D.
  • Color coding possible
  • Improved screw-type termination for highest pull-out force
  • Integrated design guarantees "Made by Neutrik®"


No possible confusion with low-current microphone or instrument cables. They lock into their sockets with a twisting motion, making them significantly less prone to disconnection than standard phone plugs. They are shielded from human touch, preventing electrical shock from a high-powered amplifier. The contacts do not short out during connection or disconnection. This can be a benefit when working with sound equipment that is in operation. The chassis receptacles are airtight, so do not provide an air leak path from speaker enclosures.


A Speakon connector is designed with a locking system that may be designed for soldered or screw-type connections. Line connectors (female) mate with (male) panel connectors and typically a cable will have identical connectors at both ends. If it is needed to join cables, a coupler can be used (which essentially consists of two panel connectors mounted on the ends of a plastic tube). Recently the manufacturer has introduced a new series called STX which includes also male line connectors and female panel connectors (in the four-pole and eight-pole version only).


Comus Loud Speaker Cable


Comus loud speaker cables are a comprehensive range of professional tour grade speaker cables. They use stranded oxygen free copper (OFC) and are built for optimum handling and electrical performance.


NL4FX Technical Information

  • Product Title NL4FX
  • Connection Type speakON
  • Gender female

  • Electrical

  • Contact resistance < 2 m? (inner) (after lifetime)
  • Dielectric strength 4 kVdc (peak)
  • Insulation resistance > 1 G? (after dampheat)
  • Rated current per contact 40 A rms continuous
  • Rated current per contact 50 A audiosignal, duty cycle 50 %
  • Rated voltage 250 V (Insulation)
  • Attention speakON is NOT to be used as an AC mains or power supply connector!

  • Mechanical

  • Cable O.D.7 - 14.5 mm
  • Cable retention ? 220 N (subject to cable O.D. and material)
  • Lifetime > 5000 mating cycles
  • Wiresize 4 mm² / 6 mm² (screw type terminals/soldering)
  • Wiresize 12 AWG / 10 AWG
  • Wiring screw type terminals or soldering
  • Locking device Quick Lock (latch)

  • Material

  • Contact plating 4 µm Ag
  • Contacts Brass (CuZn39Pb3)
  • Insert PBTP 20 % GR
  • Locking element Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
  • Shell PBTP 20 % GR
  • Strain relief Polyacetal (POM)

  • Environmental

  • FlammabilityUL 94 HB
  • Solderability Complies with IEC 68-2-20
  • Temperature range -30 °C to +80 °C


CASZ254 Technical Information

  • Brand: Comus
  • Conductor: Stranded Copper wire 50x 0.25mm = 2.50mm
  • Conductor Resistance: 7.98 Ohm/km
  • Diameter: 10.20mm +-0.30mm
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Insulation Resistance: 20 Mohm x km
  • Jacket: Soft PVC
  • Operating Voltage: max 50/75 V AC/DC
  • Temperature range: -10 + 70 degrees centigrade
  • Type: 4 core 2.5mm Speaker Cable

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