Mini Jacks | Neutrik 3.5mm Stereo Jack-Plug to Two 3.5mm Jack-Plugs Mono Black Gold


Mini Jacks | Neutrik 3.5mm Stereo Jack-Plug to Two 3.5mm Jack-Plugs Mono Black Gold

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Neutrik Mini-jack (3,5mm) 3-pole metal soldering male connector gold plated contact(s) right angled, Two Instrument SC-Onyx Tynee Single Core OFC Copper Screen To Twin Mono 3.5 mm Plugs Black Gold.

Professional gold plated 3.5 mm Mini Jack Plug Neutrik Mini-jack (3,5mm), 3-pole , metal-, Soldering-male connector, gold plated contact(s), right angled, silver NTP3RC-B.

Professional Neutrik connector for applications requiring 3.5mm stereo plugs, like headsets, portable CD/MP3 players, mic connections on video cameras, etc. Excellent transmission quality as well as low contact resistance. The only right-angled metal bodied 3.5 mm jack plug with chuck type strain relief for secure cable retention. It accepts cables from 2.0 to 4.5 mm.

Neutrik Mini Jack Plug Highlights

Use cables up to 4.5 mm diameter Low transmission Resistance Precisely machined to our Neutrik's demanding quality standards

Features & Benefits

All metal housing - robust and reliable Chuck type cable clamp and rubber gland - excellent cable protection Slim design - space saving

Instrument SC-Onyx Tynee Single Core OFC Copper Screen

Sommer SC-Onyx Tynee Instrument Cable has an outstanding audio performance. High transmission quality due to the use of fine stranding.

Sommer Patch & Instrument Cable SC-Onyx Tynee; 1 x 0.22 mm²; PVC Ø 4.00 mm; black 300-0031

Sommer cable, specialist for professional cable and connector technology, particularly in audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology. Use of stranded oxygen free copper (OFC) and are built for optimum handling and electrical performance. Oxygen-free copper (OFC) or Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper is a group of wrought high conductivity copper alloys that have been electronically refined to reduce the level of oxygen to .001% or below.

Inconspicuous and yet so important ...?

these little helpers, which nowadays in almost every electrical device to be installed. These small shielded instrument cables are also called "Diodes Cable" in the vernacular and are as it were the simpler compatible too of instrument cables, as they are used for example in the professional audio technology. Instrument cable for guitar are for mobile use mostly with a spiral shield and a carbon shielding double shielded, while describing diodes Cable has a simple Wendelschirmung copper. The simple spiral shield is sufficient if the cable does not move or is permanently installed even in electrical components. On the audio side diode cables are used as supply fo hifi components or as convenient keyboard connection, WHILE exist incredibly vielfätige Einsatzmölichkeiten in the electrical sector. The SC-Onyx Tynee is especially popular with designers, manufacturers and electronics hobbyists, because it has a narrow stranding, a high quality copper (OFC Class 6) and a very durable jacket mixture.

Instrument Cable SC-Onyx Tynee

Very flexible due to the use of fine individual stranding
Small in sheath diameter, thus easy assembly with RCA or jack connectors
Durable jacket mixture and oxygen-free copper (OFC Class 6)
Application: Cabling of unbalanced equipment (keyboards)
Connection of hi-fi equipment
Creation of Y adapter cables
Assembly of insert cables
For internal wiring in electrical equipment

Mini Mono 3.5 mm Plugs > NYS226BG

NYS226BG 2 pole 3.5 mm plug, black metal handle, gold plated contacts

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