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Multicore Audio Looms Professional Audio Cables Stealth Series

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New Ten NP2X 1/4" Jack Plugs Multicore Cable 10 Core To Ten NP2X 1/4" Jack Plugs

Product no.: 10xNTS-CAUNC12-NTS

Ten NP2X 1/4" Jack Plugs Comus Mic Multicore Cable 10 Pair AES-EBU Black for DMX & Analogue to Ten NP2X 1/4" Jack Plugs 25cm Flying Leads Numberd 1-10

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Multicore Audio Looms Professional Audio Cables Stealth Series


Multicore Audio Looms for Wiring Looms, Studio Cables and Studio Recording Accessories


Professional Audio Cables Stealth Series range of multi-core audio looms are made with the best materials to a very high standard. They come in various lengths and with a variety of different terminations, all of which are of excellent quality.

These audio looms are perfect for professional studios or even for serious home enthusiasts and are a great way to keep wiring runs, racks and patch panels tidy and organised. As always if you can’t see exactly what you’re after, create a loom to your exact specification.

Using Comus Mic Multi-core Cable Black for DMX & Analogue unified oxygen free copper (OFC) multi-pair cable available in 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 & 24 cores.

Numbered single pair & screen with "Quick Strip" allows both the jacket and foil screen to be stripped simultaneously, saving the wireman time in house or on site.

This cable is the perfect choice for touring & install applications. It offers superb performance and reliability for both analogue and digital signals.