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Microphone Leads | Balanced Female XLR Male XLR Neutrik

Microphone Leads | Balanced Female XLR Male XLR Neutrik

Balanced Microphone Cables XLR - XLR

Cable Connectors - XX & right angle version RX Series. Neutrik connectors in lengts of 1M to 100+



Female-XLR-to-Male-XLR-Neutrik-Metre-Microphone-Cable Patch-Cable-Neutrik-Right-Angled-Female-XLR-NC3FRX-to-Male-XLR-MC3MXX Female-XLR-to-Male-XLR-Neutrik-Metre-Microphone-Cable Female-XLR-to-Right-Angled-Male-XLR-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable
Black-Female-XLR-to-Black-Male-XLR-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable Black-Female-Right-Angled-XLR-to-Black-Male-XLR-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable Black-Female-XLR-to-Black-Male-Right-Angled-XLR-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable Black-Female-Right-Angled-XLR-to-Black-Male-Right-Angled-XLR-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable


Microphone Lead | Balanced TRS - XLR Neutrik Female to Male

Microphone Lead | Balanced TRS - XLR Neutrik Female to Male

Balanced Microphone Cable TRS - XLR

XX & right angle RX Series and PX Series. Neutrik worldwide standard connectors from 1M to 100+


Male-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Female-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Female-XLR-to-Right-Angle-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Male-XLR-to-Right-Angle-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m
Male-XLR-to-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Female-XLR-to-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Right-Angled-Female-XLR-to-Right-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m Male-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Right-Angle-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m


Microphone Lead | Unbalanced TR - XLR Neutrik Female to Male to Male

Microphone Lead | Unbalanced TR - XLR Neutrik Female to Male to Male

Unbalanced Microphone Cable TS - XLR

XX & right angle, RX Series & PX Series. Neutrik worldwide accepted standard connectors from 1M - 100+


Male-XLR-to-Mono-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable-small Female-XLR-to-Mono-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable-small Neutrik-Male-TRS-Jack-Plug-to-Neutrik-Male-XLR-Professional-small Neutrik-Male-TRS-Jack-Plug-to-Neutrik-Female-XLR-Professional-small
Male-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Mono-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable-small Female-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Mono-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable-small Female-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Angled-Mono-Jack-Plug-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable-samll Male-Right-Angle-XLR-to-Right-Angle-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Neutrik-Microphone-Cable_m


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New Mini XLR leads | Balanced Tiny XLR Microphone Cable Tiny Female XLR - Tiny Male XLR

Product no.: TFXLR-Patch-TMXLR

Balanced "Mini XLR Microphone Cable" Tiny Female XLR - Tiny Male XLR Cable Connectors 0.25cm to 5m

Starting From £8.96 / unit(s) *
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New Microphone Lead | Neutrik Female XLR With On/Off Switch to Male XLR Balanced

Product no.: NC3FXS-Stage22-NC3MXX
Starting From £15.40 / unit(s) *
In stock
can be shipped within 2-3 Days days
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Microphone XLR Cables & Leads vast selection XLR to XLR (Balanced) XLR to Jack Angled XLR to XLR Angled XLR to Jack Cables.


Microphone Leads in Stage/Tour with various connections XLR to XLR, Jacks, TRS, TS 1/4 and 3.5mm balanced or unbalanced right angle mini Stage and Studio Cables.



Each Professional Audio Cable Microphone is made with Neutrik, Hicon and Rean Connectors and Sommer and Comus Cables, all Germany engined and made.

Microphone Lead or XLR Cable Connectors are suitable for us as high quality leads for interconnecting devices such as microphones, mixing desks, home AV systems, sound cards, monitor speakers, amplifiers, etc, these us Sommer and Comus oxygen free copper (OFC).