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Mini Jack to Twin Phono (RCA) Leads 100 - 2000cm (1m - 20m)

These tour grade 3.5mm stereo plug to twin phono (RCA) leads with screened audio cable are realistically priced and designed for all stage and studio applications and home use.

Neutrik-3-5mm-Stereo-Jack-to-Two-Rean-RCA-Phone-Plugs-NYS373-0-2 Neutrik-3.5mm-Black-Stereo-Jack-to-Two-Rean-RCA-Phone-Plugs-NYS373-0-2 3.5-mm-Right-Angle-Nickel-Stereo-Twin-White-Phono-RCA-Stereo-25cm-20m 3.5-mm-Right-Angle-Black-Gold-Stereo-Pair-Of-Professional-Phono-Plug-RCA-CINCH
3.5 mm Right-Angle Nickel Stereo - Twin Black Phono (RCA) Stereo 25cm 20m 3.5 mm Right-Angle Nickel Stereo - Twin White Phono (RCA) Stereo 25cm 20m 3.5 mm Right-Angle Black Gold Stereo - Twin Black Phono (RCA) Stereo 25cm 20m 3.5 mm Right-Angle Black Gold Stereo - Pair Of Professional Phono Plug RCA - CINCH Stereo 25cm 20m

This tour grade Digital(DMX)/Analogue by Comus CADIGIC01 comes with 19
x 0.127mm Copper wire tin plated with a twisting 2 cores to a pair. It
is extremely flexible with robust anti kink construction, a noise free
design that gives a silent performance with a high quality electrical
performance. Each channel has its own cable.

Each cable is available with Neutrik 3.5mm right-angled Jack plugs in a nickel housing with nickel contacts or a black housing with gold contacts with Phono (RCA) plug with gold plated contacts, black shell, rubber boot for best antikink protection, chuck type strain relief for cable O.D. 4 to 6mm, color marking ring or Neutrik Professional ?Phono Plug? (?RCA?- or ?CINCH?- type). Ground before signal, gold contacts. Per pair - marked red and black.

Designed to connect and transfer digital audio signals between an MP3 Player, PC or any Audio device with Stereo Jack Output to the following components: Amplifiers, Mixing Desk, Radio, Active Speaker Minidisc players, Walkmans, Discmans and iPods to speakers.