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Mini Jacks | Mini Jack Plug To Mini Jack Socket
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Mini Jacks | Mini Jack Plug Black Gold To Mini Jack Socket Black Gold
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Mini Jack to Mini Socket 25 - 2000cm (0.25m - 20m)

These tour grade 3.5mm stereo plug to socket leads with screened audio cable are realistically priced and designed for all stage and studio applications and home use.

 Neutrik-3.5mm-Stereo-Jack-Plug-to-3.5mm-Stereo-Jack-Socket  Neutrik-3.5mm-Black-Stereo-Black-Jack-Plug-3.5mm-Black-Stereo-Jack-Socket-Extension-Lead
Mini Jacks | Mini Jack To Mini Socket 25 - 2000cm (0.25m - 20m) Mini Jacks | Mini Jack Black Gold To Mini Socket Black Gold 25 - 2000cm (0.25m - 20m)

This tour grade patch cable by Comus CACPB comes with a Kevlar lining and oxygen free copper (OFC). It is extremely flexible with robust anti kink construction, a noise free design that gives a silent performance with a high quality electrical performance.

Each cable is available with Neutrik 3.5mm right-angled Jack plugs in a nickel housing with nickel contacts or a black housing with gold contacts to 3.5mm straight female jack sockets. The only right-angled metal bodied 3.5 mm jack plug with Chuck type strain relief for secure cable retention which accepts cables from 2.0 to 4.5 mm. Features & Benefits Neutrik NTP3RC(B)

3.5mm right-angled Jack plugs NTP3RC(B) All metal housing is robust and reliable, with a chuck type cable clamp and rubber gland, it is an excellent accompaniment to the cable, which is space saving and slim in design.

With a Neutrik REAN NYS240L 3.5mm Mini Jack Female Socket Large Inlet 6.0mm OD socket fitted. these are matched to the nickel contacts or a black housing with gold contacts.

Female inline mini jack socket with solder connectors and crimp strain relief with larger cable outlet for cable up to 6.0mm OD. 3-pole connector, can be wired for stereo, mono or balanced mono applications.

New Neutrik NYS stock is branded as REAN a brand of Neutrik AG.

Designed to connect and transfer digital video and digital audio signals between an MP3 Player, PC or any Audio device with Stereo Jack Output to the following components: Headsets (earphones) or as an extension cable for Radio, Active Speaker Minidisc players, Walkmans, Discmans and iPods to speakers.

Comus Cable

Comus Cable is a brand designed and made in Germanyny specifically for the professional entertainment and audio industries. All Comus cable is built to high a quality, tour grade standard.

In the Comus cable range is Microphone, speaker, instrument and patch cable.

Comus Patch Cable 4mm Kevlar Lined Black - CACPB

Comus patch cable has all the benefits of microphone cable in a 4mm diameter jacket and fits snugly into bantam plugs. It is ideal for rack wiring, installation, rigging, midi, discrete mic leads and other ?general purpose? use.


Outer Diameter: 4.9mm